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"I can say I've mastered every style of production including crafting my own style of instrumentals"                                    
          - Jeri Forth -
   Beat Maniaks Unlimited

Beat Maniaks Unlimited was founded in
2011 by Las Vegas native producer Jeri Forth who has been DJing and producing since early 1999. BMU consist of different style's and sounds when it comes to production, influenced by 90's East Coast boom bap sample era and West Coast melodic gangsta sound, but also incorporating that 808 Trap frenzy that's popular these days.


Producing for numerous of independent artist locally and B-List, Beat Maniaks are on a mission to be known for what they're known to do best and that's composing great quality relevant music for the masses. The day is coming, listen for Beat Maniaks production on your favorite artist new project in the near future.

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